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Exposure Underwater give the highest customer service and support on the market. We are committed to advice you before and after you buy our products and we will always provide you with accurate and sincere advice, fast service and competetive prices. We set pride in doing this.
 52 weeks per year  52 weeks per year
With Exposure Underwater and all our valued dealers you are in good hands. We help you to buy the right products tailored to your needs. It is really as simple as that and upon this idea we have built a successful business concept that is working for you 52 weeks per year.
Old camera  Since 2007

We started off as Scuba Supply in 2007 in Malmö in southern Sweden which still is our legal company name. In the spring of 2012 we moved to Kungshamn on the Swedish westcoast and we returned to Malmö in 2015 to set up a new camp in larger facilities at Scheelegatan 3.


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Late 2013 we launched the Exposure Underwater site as a source of information and have since then communicated with our customers, dealers, corporate clients and institutions through this open platform. We provide general and detailed information and support about our gear and how to use it.
Knowledge  We market knowledge

Our brand and company are devoted to bring clarity and understanding into the underwater and outdoor products we represent. We market products but even more so we market knowledge. Making the products and their affiliated components visible to everyone in a way that make sense. Reliable information and easy to understand is imperative.

If you have any inquieries please contact us at info@exposureunderwater.com