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Housing packages - Check our generous ready-to-order packages. If you want a package tailored to your needs just mail us at and you will have a solution returned via email within 24 hours.

Housing experts - Use the menu above or to the left to find preferred housing in different sub-categories. Most housings are made specific to each camera model such as for example for the Canon 5D Mark IV. We are experts in tailoring water-tight underwater systems and we are happy to help you out via phone or mail. How to build a camera system?

Ports - An underwater housing most often need a port to function. Just as the underwater housing is specific to the camera model, the port is specific to the lens fitted on the camera body. Please go to Port-section to find out more.

Wet lenses - Some Compact housings and GoPro & Action camera housings have fixed ports and in this case it is common to fit a wet wide angle or macro lens outside the port to enhance the result. There are good solutions to most housings today.

All accessories - is a place where you find gears, viewfinders and such to be used with the housings. Some product groups are in their own category such as Ports, Lenses, Strobes and Arms & Trays.

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