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Lenses Wide & Super-Wide
Today almost any camera in a housing can achieve wide angle by mounting sharp wide lenses outside the ports. We know how to make it work on GoPro and action cameras, compact housings or even in front of a mirrorless or DSLR flatport.

Lenses Macro & Super Macro
Here you find all our sharp macro and super-macro lenses. They are affordable, sharp and compatible with most camera systems. Let us help you to make it work on your camera.

Lenses Special Optics
Some manufacturers set pride into go "all-in" and in this category you can find the new optical solutions leting you take new type of images. Let the hardware inspire you.

Lenses Go Pro & Action
Specially designed optics for close-up and super-wide with GoPro and other action cameras.

We help You to find the right optics!
As experts we help clients daily to find the best solution for yoru needs and your wallet.

Please note!
If your housing have an interchangable port your can still attach super macro lenes and even wide angle in front of a flatport and we also market and sell market leading special diopters to help your wide rectilinear lenses to allow greater corner sharpness. Let us tell you more.