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Ports are an interchangable parts mounted onto your underwater housing to fit around the cameras lens. You will need a port with on a Mirrorless or DSLR underwater housing. To identify which port that fits your lens please look through the producers port charts or contact us for a quick reply.

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Dome ports are made for wide angle lenses. Flat ports are mainly used with macro and mid-range lenses. An extension ring is a ring that place the port further out from the housing and it is only used with dome and flat ports if needed.

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Please read: Why Exposure Underwater?

Other port accessories

Wet lenses & lens holders
With various adapters it is possible to mount sharp wet lenses, both wide and macro, outside your port. Check out what is a possible and/or let us suggest best combination for your setup.

Zoom & focus gears
To make it possible to zoom or use manual focus underwater you need a gear attached around your lens that is used with a mirrorless, DSLR or video camera.

Port covers
A back cover is a great way to keep dust and sand out of the port, and a front covers protect your glass or acrylic front from scratches when you on a boat or traveling.

Cases & bags
Protect your gear when your travel! We have cases and bags specifically made for ports, parts, housings but also bags and boxes made for other accessories.

A polish kit is a must if you have an acrylic dome. Remember to always carry extra o-rings and silicon grease for your housing and ports, and our maintenance kits have useful tools for maintaining your gear in mint condition.

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