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We help You to find the right port/s!
As experts we help clients daily to find the best port solutions. We need to know three things to help; 1) What underwater housing brand? 2) Which camera? 3) Which lens? With this info we help you - feel free to contact us.

About Ports
Ports are the part of your underwater housing system that fits around the lens. The ports come in different shapes and sizes and can be changed depending on which lens you use. Dome ports have a spherical acrylic or glass surface and are typically used for wide angle. Flat ports are mainly used for macro lenses. Ports length can be varied through the use of extension rings.

Port Accessories
Other useful accessories such as zoom gears, polish kits, front & back covers, o-rings, grease, o-ring removers, maintenance kits is easy to find in our Port-categories. Under Accessories [All] you can find our full range is accessories in alphabetic order.

Please note!
If your housing have a fixed flatport like on many compact camera housing or on a GoPro housing then ports are not used, instead "wet lenses" can be added outside.