Experience world class diving and learn more about underwater photography with Magnus Lundgren or other Pros in the field. Magnus host our hand picked expeditions to the best places, at prime time using the best operator s. So if you really value your short time in the ocean join us visiting places like Galápagos, Bahamas, Azores or Alaska and many more...

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Coming expeditions   Salmon shark expedition to Alaska   Shark Expedition to the Azores   Expeditions Galapagos 2018
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Azores 2018-09                                           Azores 2018-09                                            Bahamas 2019-02                                        Who is Magnus?     

Galapágos 2018-11                                     Galapágos 2019-10                                      Learn more!                                                  The is the place to be!

Bahamas 2019-02                                        Azores 2018-09                                           Galapágos 2019-10                                     Coming trips!