Exposure Underwater is proud to present a strong network of 154 dealers in northern Europe, active on several different markets.

To protect the integrity of our dealers we refrain from publishing contacts online. If you want to find a dealer close to you - just contact us stating country and postal code and we will quickly support you a number of dealers.


Dealers Sweden   SWEDEN - 80 DEALERS

Dealers Sweden    NORWAY - 39 DEALERS

Dealers Sweden    DENMARK - 15 DEALERS

Dealers Sweden    FINLAND - 9 DEALERS

Dealers Sweden    EUROPE - 11 DEALERS



Are you interested to apply and become one of our highly supported dealers and a part of our dealer network?

Or are you a corporate partner and want to enjoy our team's full support and get help on complete solutions?

Mail your application to and tell us about your interest, your operation, a link to your website and relevant contact info. We evaluate all interested operations and get back to you as soon as possible.

We support dealers and corporate clients like:

→ Camera stores
→ Dive schools
→ Outdoor & protection stores
→ Schools and municipalities
→ Military
→ Travel industry
→ And many more...

Download application document.