Filming underwater turned into something for everyone with the GoPro action cameras entering the market. Super-small, easy to mount anywhere, fixed focus and a wide lens have developed into todays better sensors, image stabilizing and other great features. It is a popular way to start capturing memories and many underwater photographers and videographers start off with an action camera like a GoPro. 

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       GoPro camera, model Hero 10             GoPro housing with flip filter kit             GoPro underwater housing    


GoPro is by far the most used action brand, but many other are knocking on the door such as DJI, Sony, Insta360, Olympus and many more.


The most popular item to enhance your action camera's underwater videos is a red filter, and sometimes users have a couple of them for different depths. The filters help the camera to record great colours found on coral reefs. We recommend flip filters that are easy "flip" in front of the cameras lens when needed. Some flip filter set-ups have a small macro lens that can be flipped down when a subject to close enabling the camera to record sharp close-up videos as well.

       GoPro with two different red filters                 GoPro handle with a video & photo & light                     GoPro travel case


An underwater housing enable you to take the camera a bit deeper. There are plastic housings for regular diving depths, and metal housings for deep diving below 40 meters. Top shoot steady footage a good tray with a single pistol grip, or a tray with double handle grip is a great tool. A small video light for vivid colours, as well as a box or bag where camera and accessories are safe and all in one place.


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Getting started

Action camera  →  GoPro or similar

Underwater housing → To extend the depth range for your camera


Great optional items

Filter → Red filter for blue water - Purple filter for green water

Flip filter-set → May include different filters for different depth, and even a close-up lens

Light → Small underwater light on a small arm for vivid colours

Bag or box → Keep your action camera gear safe and in one place

Spare items → O-ring, silicone grease, extra camera battery

Wide angle lens → Increase your wide angle by adding a wide wet lens

Maintenance-kit  →  May include o-ring remover, blower, polish cloth and more...