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Tony Nilsson
Archivist & archaeologist
© Magnus Lundgren - Happy customer Tony Nilsson    © Tony Nilsson - Great hammerhead - Bahamas    © Tony Nilsson - Tiger shark - Bahamas
"Before my recent trip with Exposure Expeditions to the Bahamas there was of course some photographic equipment that I would like to add to my toolbox for those big sharks. Well, Patrik gave me top notch input and got everything delivered in time. I could take images of tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks through my new wide lens and a brilliant dome port. All under the watchful eye of Scuba Supply's and Exposure Expedition's own Photo Pro - Magnus Lundgren - onboard the boat."

Eric Linders
Creative welder
© Magnus Lundgren - Happy customer Eric Linders    © Eric Linders - Carribean reef shark - Bahamas    © Eric Linders - Slipper lobster - Bahamas
"Do you want to reach for your dreams as an UW photographer? Then Scuba Supply and Exposure Expeditions will fulfill them all! I recommend them from the bottom of my heart."


Torbjörn Lundh
Industrial designer & project manager
Torbjörn Lundh in action - Maldives          © Torbjorn Lundh - Manta ray - Maldives          © Torbjorn Lundh - Nudibranch - Smögen
"I bought my first UW-photo package for a Canon 500D from Scuba Supply in 2010 and I got very good advice which made me feel secure in my decisions. It was therefore very obvious for me to turn to Scuba Supply again when up grading to Canons new fullframe 5D Mark III and finding a housing for my new baby."


Magnus Edvardsson
IT technician
Magnus Edvardsson    Magnus Edvardsson    Magnus Edvardsson UV-bild
"After many years of diving I needed something new to keep the diving spark going. I opted for photography and got very honest and professional help from Scuba Supply with good ideas and they even educated me on my camera system. This made a big difference and today I am a keen diver again with my reliable Ikelite DSLR housing always joining me in my dives."

Rasmus Renkse 
Divemaster on the Swedish west coast (Smögen)

        Rasmus Renkse at Smögen Dive Center        © Rasmus Renkse - Seal - Väderöarna, SwedenRasmus Renkse self portrait
"I recently got into UW-photo and luckily I had Scuba Supply to assist me with chosing equipment and getting started. It's been almost half a year since I began and I've brought my camera on as many dives as possible. During this time I've had close contact with the staff at Scuba Supply who has helped me with everything from equipment related questions to photo techniques. Thanks for all the support!"