Magnus Lundgren
CEO, education

Magnus Lundgren


Magnus underwater obsession started with a whispering broken voice in the family TV-set. Jaques-Yves Cousteau came straight through the screen with his boyish curiosity and “let’s go and have a look” message. He was very young and he got very hooked. "Cousteau was such a great inspiration to me and just like mother nature, he always brought some sort of rugged unsentimental truth to me. That type of inspiration makes me just plain happy."

Magnus is the CEO of Exposure Underwater and his knowledge and expertise on what it takes to create world class underwater photography is setting a high standard for our customers. Magnus has been a professional photographer since 20 years now and earned his share of prices and fame. If you ask him he is most proud of his awards in Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the fact that he was awarded the 2011 European Wildlife Photographer of the year for underwater images.

Magnus is one of four directors running the worlds biggest conservation

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“I think it is all about the joy of being out there. Many of us in the team have had the privilege to photograph around the world for more than 25 years!" Magnus started out as an enthusiast but most of those 25 thrilling years in the field he has been as a professional photographer on assignments or working in different projects. Exposure Expeditions are set up in a way to make the trip worthwhile for all photographers to join. Magnus says "Most people struggle to get out of office and find underwater time and it is important to spend that time in excellent locations, at the best possible time with the good operators. Exposure's goal is to make it possible for you to take your best image ever on your next Exposure trip!”

For more than two decades Magnus Lundgren has a proven record as an international award winning photographer. Most proud he seems to be of his awards in the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year". After representing Sweden at three world championships in underwater photography and he won a silver medal in the World Championships in Mauritius in 2007. His images are published worldwide and has been honoured with double spreads in National Geographic Magazine. Magnus is also one of the directors and owners of the world's biggest nature conservation communication project ever called Wild Wonders of Europe.

As an active speaker his favorite topics are aquatic conservation and vivid stories from the wild world. Magnus has successfully organized and hosted photographic expeditions for more than 15 year and logged some 5 000+ dives and a few of these dives have actually been without a camera. Magnus is a dive instructor (Master Instructor) in the PADI educational system.