Patrik Karlsson
Sales, support & education

Who is Patrik?

Patrik has a long expirience from diving in varied corners of the world from the cold fjords in Norway to exotic West Papua who boosts with the richest coral reefs on the planet. Patrik used to be a part owner and manager for the Kon-Tiki based dive center in Åre (Sweden) for many years before he moved back to the Swedish west coast.

As a underwater photographer Patrik started out almost a decade ago as a passionate compact system user and then moved into DSLR cameras. Right now he is exploring what possibilities the popular mirrorless cameras can bring to him. With Patriks wide experience and brilliant service mind you will always be in good hands and in the hands of a person doing what is possible to find the best equipment possible for your needs.


Seminars & underwater photography courses

Patrik is also hosting popular seminars on special topics and underwater photography courses for beginners. You can join one of his classes held by Exposure Underwater or if you are a dive school, dive club, camera store or just a group of people you can hire his skills.

Patrik's hottest dive spots?

"Living in Åre for more than 10 years I had plenty of time to explore Norwegian fjord and coastal diving which still is one of my most favoured spots. Another more distant favorite is in the north of the Indonesian island called Sulwesi. There you can find the holy graal of critter photography called Lembeh Strait and I was really amazed by the weirdest and most wonderful macro subjects I have ever seen."


Favorite type of photography?

"I like all type of underwater photography but macro is still my greatest passion."