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Complete UW photo package with a UW-housing, vacuum valve, strobes, arms and sync cable.

Exposure Underwaters Canon R5 Ikelite package include:

1 pcs  UW-housing Ikelite R5
→ 2 pcs  Strobes Ikelite DS161
→ 1 pcs  Right Quick Release handle
→ 1 pcs  Vacuum pump with gauge
→ 1 pcs  Double TTL sync cable
→ 2 * 2 pcs  Arms double ball (length 180 mm)
→ 6 pcs  Clamps
→ 2
 pcs  Quick Release ball adapter

Modify a package
If you want to change anything in the package it is easily done without delay. Contact us and we send you quick offer.
More information
Exposure Underwater packages are always combined with top-notch products, all compatible, into a great high quality package.

Just add the port you need
Add the port or the ports that you might needed then you are ready to go. To determine ports you need check the port charts or contact us for support.

Possible add ons
A zoom gear for a zoom lens, focus gear to enable manual focus (not for everyone), depending on your choosen lens. Trigger or a TTL converter to trigger the strobes. Here you find many more accessories for your UW housing and for underwater photographers. Check out accessories [All].

UW housing
The Ikelite R5 housing is ideal for underwater photography and video, made to the highest standard in USA.

The package include the UW strobes DS161 that is the professional strobe from Ikelite. A great and versatile strobe that can be used for both wide-angle and macro photography. Modification: if you want you replace the Ikelite strobes with Sea&Sea YS-D3 MKII, Scubalamp D-MAX or Inon Z-330 strobes. Contact us for an offer with the strobes of your liking. 

Vacuum system
The system is already installed and included you only need the included vacuum pump with gauge for it to be working.

Right Quick Release handle
Ikelite Quick Release Handle allows for easy attachment and removal of arm components at the touch of a button

Arm package
Consists of a high quality light weight arm system made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. 

Ball adapter
The Quick Release ball adapter is needed to mount your arms to the handles.

TTL sync cable
Y-shaped sync cord with Ikelite-style plugs on all ends. Supports TTL operation with any Ikelite housing with an electrical bulkhead and two DS strobes.


A fantastic underwater video and photography package for Canon R5 mirrorless camera.
Description: HOUSING PACK IKE CANON R5 + DS161 With vacuum, arms, clamps, cables
Price: 56 950 SEK/Qty
Partno: HOUSING-KIT-18 (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Ikelite