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A complete strobe set ready to dive built around the powerful Scubalamp D-MAX underwater strobe in durable aluminum, powerfull (GN32, super fast recycle (0,5 sec full power) and up to 5500 flashes. All packages can be modified to fit your needs.

Included in the package:
1 pcs - Scubalamp D-Max underwater strobe
1 pcs - Neoprene strobe cover
1 pcs - 1 inch ball

2 pcs - Double ball arm, 200 mm
3 pcs - Quality clamps

Target light is included in the strobe.
Quality and light-weight arms and clamps made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.

Modified package?
All our packages can be tweaked for different type of cameras or your specific needs. Contact us and we make You an offer in no time.

Please note - Cable
No cable is included in our strobe packages as underwater housings have different cable connections. We recommend the use of a cable for best performance, but strobes may also be used without a cable. If you are unsure let us help you to find the correct cable.

Scubalamp D-Max strobe
Scubalamp D-MAX underwater strobe in durable aluminum and great dispersion of heat underwater. The strobe offers 120 degree beam angle it is powered by a Li-Ion battery pack containing 4 x 18650 cells, the strobe's impressive battery make it possible to fire up to 5500 flashes (750 flashes on full), and 12-15 frames high-speed continuous shooting or more depending on the setting used. Focus light at 500 lumen built into the strobe as standard. A great strobe in a tough design ready for diving in tough conditions and built to last a very long time. 

Mail or call for full support and answers to your questions.


A well priced strobe set with compatible components that fits all kinds of camera systems like compact, mirrorless and DSLR.
Price: 11 250 SEK/Qty
In stock
Partno: STROBEKIT-SS-001 (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Scubalamp

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