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The Canon PowerShot G5 X MKII camera is the latest class-leading model from the venerated G-series of cameras.

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This housing is designed to use the full capabilities of the camera up to depths of 200 feet (60 meters). A perfectly clear back provides a view of the camera and o-ring seal. The back is removable, not hinged, for extra durability and easier camera access. It attaches quickly and easily with two heavy duty stainless steel locking latches. All important camera controls are accessed via fully serviceable controls with premium soft touch control knobs. Ikelite housings are manufactured in the USA and come with an unparalleled access to support, photo advice, and service.

Due to the position of the camera's flash in relation to its lens, the built-in flash is not suitable to illuminate photos under water. For the best color and clarity, we recommend adding a filter, strobe, or constant-on light.Two ports are provided for the connection of up to two Ikelite-, SEA&SEA-, or Olympus-type fiber optic cords. Any Ikelite DS strobe may be connected using the Fiber Optic Converter # 4401.3 and Fiber Optic Cord # 4501. The AF35 strobe is not compatible with this housing.

Great Handling
The optional Action Tray II with Left Hand Quick Release Handle # 2605.04 and Action Tray II Extension with Right Handle # 2605.05 provide a balanced grip and are the perfect platform for adding lighting accessories. The Action Tray mounts to the bottom of the housing with two 1/4-20 threaded screws for secure and rotation-free use. Our uniquely curved grips are rubberized for a comfortable grip and provide a quick release mechanism for adding and removing light arms.

Zoom, super macro, and semi-wide angle
The standard 3.9" diameter optical glass port accommodates the camera's full 24-120mm zoom range underwater.
Add the press-fit Macro Adapter #IK306.82 with any 67mm threaded macro wet lens for incredibly super macro photography. Compatible wet lenses include but are not limited to the Saga close up lenses, Nauticam CMC-1, and others.
The optional WD-4 Wide Angle Dome #IK430.4 provides a wider angle of view underwater without the edge distortion, vignetting, or weight typically associated with an external wide angle wet lens. The WD-4 is a 0.75x magnification factor and simply slides on and off of the housing's lens port.
3.9" diameter color filters press directly onto the front of the standard lens port. We offer color filters for Tropical Blue Water # 6441.46, Green Water # 6441.86, and a Yellow Barrier Filter # 6441.16 for fluorescence photography.

Optional 6" dry dome
The DC3 6" Dome Port #IK403 offers the best of everything: wide angle, macro, and over-under all on one dive. This special dome port replaces the housing's standard port and provides sharp 24mm wide angle and is perfect for split shots (half-in, half-out of the water). Approximately 3/4 of the camera's zoom range is usable behind the dome and macro images can be captured with the dome installed.

We recommend adding the Anti-Reflection Set of Foam # 6407 to reduce reflections when using the DC3 Dome Port.

Vacuum test
A spare 1/2-20 threaded accessory port is provided on the side of the housing for easily installation of the optional Vacuum Kit # 47012. A hand pump with gauge allows you to draw a vacuum on the housing to simulate water pressure and check for leaks prior to entering the water.

Every unit is water pressure tested to 200 feet (60m) before it leaves our facility in Indianapolis.

In the Box

Rear o-ring # 0109 (installed)
Vinyl port cover # 0200 (installed)
.050" hex key # 0945.11
1/16" hex key # 0945.16
Silicone lubricant 1cc tube


60 m depth rating
Controls for all camera functions except touchscreen and Flash pop-up button (flash must be extended when installing the camera in the housing)
Two built-in fiber optic ports
Slightly negative buoyancy in fresh water
1/4-20 threaded tray mounting with 3" (76mm) spacing
Weighs 1215 g
175 x 124 x 150 mm
3.9" diameter glass lens port supports full zoom range 24-120mm


Ikelite Underwater TTL Housing for Canon PowerShot G5X MKII Camera.
Price: 6 850 SEK/Qty
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