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The wide angle air Lens is a wet-mount wide angle conversion lens designed to work best with Olympus TG series cameras

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The lens cancels out refraction and restores the camera’s topside field of view underwater while also enhancing the image clarity, sharpness, and contrast.
With an 89° angle of coverage, sharp corners, no vignetting at 24 mm, and an easy to use 52 mm threaded mount, this lens is perfect for both veteran and new wide angle underwater photographers. It’s the most versatile lens for shooting both macro and wide angle on the same dive with the Olympus TG cameras because you never have to remove the lens.

The wide angle air lens works by expanding the camera's field of view from 60 to 81 degrees underwater, which is the same field of view produced topside or in-air. All cameras with lenses that sit behind flat ports suffer a 25% loss of angle of coverage due to the refraction effect underwater. The domed lens element cancels out the refraction effect that the otherwise flat port element on the housing would cause, restoring a wider field of view than is possible behind a flat port.

Switching from wide angle to tighter fish ID and macro shots has never been easier than with this lens. A tighter field of view can be achieved by simply zooming in. The lens supports a partial zoom through, allowing you to utilize much of the built-in lens zoom function.

For true macro shooting, just switch to Microscope Mode and zoom all the way in. This allows the camera to focus almost as close as when no accessory lens is installed at all. Because of the size of the lens and slightly increased focus distance it’s difficult to achieve the tightest possible macro, but for adapting on the fly and shooting whatever you encounter during a dive, both big and small, then the versatility and combined macro and wide capabilities without having to remove the lens makes the M52 Wide Angle Air Lens the best of both worlds.


89° Underwater Field of View
Sharp Corners
No Vignetting
Anti-Reflection Coating
Zoom Through for Tighter Shots
Works with the microscope mode for macro while installed
50 meter depth rating

In the box
Dome Cover
Rear Lens Cap
Fiber Optic Cable Adapter


Fits Olympus original TG housings
Description: LENS BS WIDE ANGLE AIR 52MM Fits Oly TG housings
Price: 2 450 SEK/Qty
Partno: BS-M52-AIR (Add to Wish list )
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