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This wide angle wet lens was designed with the Olympus TG series cameras in mind.

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With a 120 degree angle of coverage, sharp corners, and no vignetting at 24 mm this lens is the perfect combination for the first time wide angle shooter with a TG camera.

Other wide angle wet lensesmight vignette (dark or clipped corners) at 24 mm, which requires the shooter to zoom to eliminate the dark or blurry effect in the corners. This has no vignetting at 24 mm and maintains extremely sharp corners.

The lens is perfect for shooting shipwrecks, sharks, whales, stingrays, mantas and other large subjects. Using a wide-angle lens allows shooters to get closer to their subjects and still fill the frame. This increases the clarity and contrast of your image. If you’re using strobes, getting closer will also allow more light to hit your subject, improving both color and exposure.

The lens threads directly onto the Olympus PT housings for the TG camera series. No adapters are required. There is an ergonomically placed silicone grip on the lens for easy threading. The lens shade has a smooth and easy rotation with the perfect balance between tension and maneuverability. No tools are needed to adjust the shade.


120 Degrees Wide
Sharp Corners

No Vignetting
Anti Reflection Coating
Zoom Through for Tighter Shots 

In the box
Dome Cover
Rear Lens Cap
Custom Travel Case


Fits Olympus original TG housings
Description: LENS BS WIDE ANGLE 120° FOV Fits Oly TG housings, 52 mm thread
Price: 5 950 SEK/Qty
Partno: BS-UWL-M52 (Add to Wish list )
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