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The Archon 5200 lumen light is a professional underwater light perfect for photography and videography, with great burn times and fast charging. The CRI 95 110 degree light beam is designed for videography in warm light without hotspots. The light also have a fantastic focus light function with white, red and blue light with burntimes from two to three hours.

What's in the box:
Light 5200 lumen, a padded protection case, battery and charger, ball arm (YS-mount), mounting screw, hand strap, two extra o-rings and manual. 

More information

Set at Wide - 60 min - 5200 lumen with warm CRI 95 light
Set at Wide - 120 min - Half power with warm CRI 95 light
Set at Spot White -120 min - 1600 lumen, pretty wide also at spot
Set at Spot Red - 180 min - For shoot shy critters and night photography  
Set at Spot Blue - 180 min - For creative lighting  

All in one unit: High quality video light, white, red and blue light.

Completely drained the battery is charged in two hours.

100 meters depth rated for professional videography made of aircraft grade aluminium.

Light features

Video light - white but warm, CRI 95, 5200 lumen
Color temperature 5000K - 5500K
Angle of light beam 110°
Run time high mode: 60 min; half mode: 120 min

Spot / Search / Focus light
White spot light, 1600 lumen, 6500K
The angle is still pretty wide but stronger in the middle
Run time: 120 min

Red or Blue light
Run time: 180 min

Color of the unit: Black

Battery and charging

Battery 18650 rechargeable Li- ion battery pack
Complete charge time from 0-100% - 120 min
Battery Indicator 100%-30%: Green; 30%-10%, Red; Below 10%: Red Flashing; Below 5%: switch off
Circuit Protection With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection
Operation voltage 12.6V to 8.4V


Waterproof 100 meters underwater
Dimensions 158mm (length)* 67mm (dia. of head)*55.4mm(dia.of body)
Weight 812 grams (with battery),544 grams (without battery)
Underwater Weight 385 grams (with battery)
Explosion Protection with gas release valves


The latest COB LED diving video light from Archon. 5200 lumen made for video lighting (an excellent CRI value, Ra95+), red and blue light apart from both wide and spot. Everything a videographer needs.
Description: LIGHT ARCHON 5200 SWRB Red, blue, spot batt, charger, 1 inch ball
Price: 5 250 SEK/st
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