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The NA-D7200 is 15% lighter than the NA-D7000, has improved ergonomics and the company’s vacuum electronics are factory installed. It also features a redesigned camera saddle with a vacuum system reset button and access to the camera’s programmable Fn button.

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The Nauticam Housing for Nikon APS-C, Refined Nauticam is pleased to announce the release of the NA-D7200, the newest aluminum underwater camera housing for the Nikon D7200. This housing marks an incredible degree of refinement, derived from a long list of housings for Nikon SLR’s.

The NA-D7200 is the latest in a series of housings for the Nikon D7000, D7100, and now D7200 cameras. In fact, this is the 5th housing in this series. This all adds up to an incredibly refined housing, ideally suited for taking the D7200 into the underwater world. Nauticam has continued to innovate and continue to refine housing designs. It is what we do. The NA-D7200 includes the latest innovations of the Nauticam housing line, including overall weight reduction (15% lighter than original D7100 housing) which makes getting the rig neutrally buoyant very easy, improved (again) ergonomics, and the famous Nauticam Vacuum Check System electronics included. The housing also includes a new Fn key lever and updated camera tray lock.

The Nauticam Port Locking Lever has become an icon; so easy to use yet more secure than lesser methods of attaching ports. No twisting required, just push & lock. Worry less about the port attachment, and focus on getting great images.
Patented Multi Controller Pad, located within easy reach of the right thumb, virtually recreates the Nikon D7200 multi selector allowing full multidirectional use of this powerful tool, including diagonals.
Nauticam’s Rubberized Handles are another iconic feature of this housing. A comfortable, secure grip that reduces hand fatigue and helps stabilize the shot.
Nauticam Locking Housing Latches mean secure yet easy access to changing batteries or memory cards. Why break your knuckles trying to open a housing?
Lenses are the key to getting great images. The most both glass and acrylic ports available for any underwater camera housing, along with locking port extensions, means the most lenses supported.

Nauticam Vacuum Check System

The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is available with NA-D200 as standard equipment. Combined with an optional vacuum valve, this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe to dive status of the housing. The operator can, at a glance, instantly see the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur. The NA-D7200 ships with a 3rd bulkhead port specifically for installing optional vacuum valves, leaving the user two other bulkhead ports for HDMI, sync cables and other accessories.

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Unsurpassed build quality, designed by award winning engineering team.
Produced utilizing the most modern manufacturing technology available.
Ergonomically placed controls with size, shape, and color differentiation.
Access to all key camera controls.
All controls clearly labeled.
Patented two stage shutter release, precise feel over half/full press.
Patented Port Locking System.
Patent pending Multi Controller pad.
Lens release button.
Easy to operate locking housing latches.
Rubberized ergonomic grips.
Quick release camera mounting plate.
Optical strobe connectors for fiber optic flash triggering.
2x M16 accessory holes for HDMI, hydrophone, or vacuum valve.
Single M14 accessory hole for electrical sync cable bulkhead.
Integrated vacuum monitoring and leak detection circuit (valve optional).
Vacuum reset button in port mount for quick lens changes.
Dual 1” (25mm) strobe mounting balls included as standard equipment.
1/4-20 tripod mounting holes.
Dual 10mm threaded accessory mounting points.
0.66x optical glass pickup finder.


Depth Rating: 100m
Dimensions: 343mm W x 186mm H x 132mm D
Weight: 2.82kg , 2.74kg without ball mounts
Model Number: 17218




The perfect enthusiast DSLR camera housing.
Description: HOUSING NAUTICAM NA-7200 / D7100 NIKON Nikon
Price: 34 950 SEK/st
Partno: 17218 (Add to Wish list )
Manufacturer: Nauticam