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A full featured and durable waterproof housing for the powerful mid-range Nikon D7500 DSLR camera. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water.

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This popular model has been designed from the ground up to include all of Ikelite's latest improvements.

Lens Ports
The single most important feature is our Dry Lock (DL) port system. This exciting system is substantially more robust and easier to assemble than our time-tested Four Lock (FL) system. DL system ports are lightweight, versatile, and can accommodate extremely large diameter lenses with ease. If you're considering shooting professional quality lenses like the Nikon 14-24mm or Sigma 10-20mm HSM, then the DL system is essential. Most popular zoom lenses and select lens focus rings can be engaged using a simple yet effective gearing system that puts adjustment right at your fingertips. A large, soft-touch lobed knob on the side of the housing makes fine tuned adjustments a breeze. Zoom and focus gears differ depending on which lens you are using.

DL System Port Chart

Vacuum System
The included vacuum valve allows you to vacuum test the housing to check for leaks prior to putting your expensive equipment in the water. Use of the vacuum valve requires a compatible Vacuum pump with gauge #47011.

TTL Exposure
This housings supports your choice of shooting all manual or adding a TTL converter depending on your application. You can still enjoy the fastest and most accurate TTL exposure on the market by adding the NT2 Nikon TTL Hotshoe # 46064, Nikon TTL Converter with Ikelite plug # 4301.3, and a compatible Ikelite DS strobe.
SEA&SEA, INON, and Nikonos strobes with an electrical connection can be triggered in manual exposure modes using an electrical sync cord. Strobes without an electrical sync cord connection cannot be attached to this system unless slaved off of a hard-wired strobe.

The included Supereye Viewfinder provides an enhanced view of the camera's optical viewfinder when viewed through a dive mask. The viewfinder removes quickly and easily for the attachment of an optional Straight Magnified Viewfinder #IK6890 or 45° Magnified Viewfinder (Type 2) #IK6891.2.


60m depth rating
Compatible with DL system lens ports
Controls are provided for all important camera controls; Controls are not provided for Release mode dial, Release mode dial lock release, Diopter adjustment control, Focus mode selector, Focus selector lock, BKT button, Fn1 button, Fn2 button
1/4-20 thread base mounts with 3.5" spacing
Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water
Actual buoyancy varies depending on choice of lens and port
Weight 2.6 kg
Size 234 x 183 x 168 mm
Vacuum valve included (pump sold separately)
Included Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead connector with manual hotshoe for reliable electrical triggering of underwater strobes; Optional TTL accessories provides automatic exposure with compatible Ikelite DS strobes


200DL Underwater Housing for Nikon D7500 DSLR Camera
Description: HOUSING IKE NIKON D7500
Price: 17 750 SEK/st
Partno: IK71017 (Add to Wish list )
Manufacturer: Ikelite