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Nauticam announces the release of the NA-EM1, the latest in its acclaimed line of precision crafted underwater camera housings. Nauticam has trail-blazed the path in mirrorless housings and is pleased to announce an exceptional housing for the best mirrorless camera to date, the Olympus OM-D E-M1.

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The Olympus OM-D E-M1 is the most capable micro four-thirds (m4/3) camera available and aims squarely at the pro and high end enthusiast. With a slew of customizable controls and extensive menu options, the proud owner of the E-M1 can personalize this camera like perhaps no other. The NA-EM1 takes advantage of the E-M1’s extensive control set and huge lens selection and brings them into the underwater realm in the most innovative, best engineered, and most ergonomic camera housing available.

Nauticam is simply not content to rest on previous successes like the renowned NA-EM5. Given the large number of densely packed controls on the camera, the E-M1 housing presented a challenge in itself. The designers and engineers at Nauticam sought to not only meet this challenge, but take the human-machine interface a step further and keep the focus not on making it easier to make the housing, but to make the housing easier to use. An example is the new integrated handle system; with the pro shooter in mind, this housing is designed for use with the hand on the handle in a manner reminiscent of Nauticam SLR housings. The result is a housing that is easier to hold and is more stable, and is easier to shoot.

Integrated Electronic Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System. The NA-EM1 ships with Nauticam's new vacuum system with integrated electronic vacuum and leak detection monitoring system for extra piece of mind. A simple coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the watertight integrity is solid. The NA-EM1 ships with a bulkhead port for installing the optional vacuum valves.

Port locking system. Signature Nauticam Port Locking Lever
is included in a mirrorless housing for the first time. Note the lens release button as well... lens/port changes made quick, easy and secure.

Brackets. Laser cut stainless steel brackets reinforce the handles, making the rig sturdy and stable even with large strobes or video lights. Mounting balls are included, ready to attach strobes, video lights, and more. 

Vacuum System. The integrated vacuum check and leak detection system adds extra assurance of watertight integrity. Use it without an optional vacuum valve and it serves as a audible/visual water ingress detector. Add the vacuum valve, and get watertight integrity indication via a color coded LED light. 

Fiber optic bulkheads. Reliable automatic flash exposure is available with a variety of optically fired flashes including Inon Z-240 and S-2000, and Sea & Sea YS-D1 and YS-01. This system yields accurate TTL flash performance with no electrical sync cables to flood! 

Fingertip Controls for all key shooting controls, including both shutter release, focus lock, both command dial, and video start/stop. All of the controls are easy to operate, even with gloves on.

Rubberized Zoom/Focus Knob. The new zoom/focus knob is now rubberized to make gripping easier and more comfortable. 

Lenses. The NA-EM1 supports all of the major m4/3 lenses from Olympus and Panasonic that are relevant for underwater. 

More information: 
Nauticam's own site [here]
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Depth Rating: 100m
Weight: Aprrox. 1.80kg
Dimensions (with handles mounted): 302mm x 163mm x 113mm


Nauticam is pleased to announce an exceptional housing for the best mirrorless camera to date, the Olympus OM-D E-M1.
Price: 19 425 SEK/st
Partno: 17806 (Add to Wish list )
Manufacturer: Nauticam