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SAGA LENS MACRO +5/+10/+15 (3 IN 1 SYSTEM)

SAGA LENS MACRO +5/+10/+15 (3 IN 1 SYSTEM)

Tired of changing macro lenses during your dive? Saga's unique and patented TRIO macro lens system will solve that for you!

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This Trio of lenses is a revolution to all the systems of wet-mate macro lenses available. Thanks to the patented system with two exterior controls, you will be able to achieve enormous versatility, flexibility and speed of action, even without raising the eye from the viewfinder, achieving different levels of magnification in the minimum time and with the maximum optical quality.

Manufactured from machined anodized aluminum, the Trio equips a +5 and +10 lenses that can be rotated in front of your camera's lens independently, achieving four levels of magnification. With the two lenses raised will allow you to use the lens to focus even to infinity without any vignetting. Then shoot the lenses independently and achieve magnifications of +5 or +10 diopters or both simultaneously achieving an enlargement equivalent to +15.

The new TRIO lens from Saga is designed to achieve optimum results with 100-105mm macro lenses but can also be used with lenses such as 60mm or even 150 or 180mm lenses.

The fastening to the front is easily achieved thanks to the 67mm thread. It achieves a perfect ease of use with tapered ends finished in 67mm thread but can adapt to the front of almost any brand thanks to adapters available from Saga.

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Three Lens Options - +5, +10, +15
Machined Anodized Aluminum Body
Thread M67
Two flat BK7 Optical Glass
Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflection Coating
Weight: 700 grs.
Resistant depth: 100 meters feet


SAGA LENS MACRO +5/+10/+15 (3 IN 1 SYSTEM)

Saga's unique TRIO +5, +10 & +15 Close-Up 67mm Macro Lens System.
Description: LENS SAGA CLOSE UP TRIO 3 IN 1 +5/+10/+15 in one system
Price: 10 950 SEK
Partno: SAG105 (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Saga
until 2023-12-31
Price: 8 750 SEK/Qty