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Sea& Sea's flagship strobe Mark II has improved performance. TTL accuracy, compatibilty with other brands, strong output (GN33) and great target light. The enhanced consecutive firing capability enables the strobe to fire at GN16 continuously without any interval time and much more. Made in Japan.

A great choice for professionals and enthusiasts.

The new updates enhance TTL shooting and third-party optical converter compatibility while still retaining all the great features, such as a 33 Guide Number, wide beam angle and broad flash distribution of the original D3.

Strong: Guide number 33

Double flash tubes
Aspherical optical strobe-lens providing even light from center to edge
Beam angle: 80 degrees, 100 degrees and 120 degrees
With additional dome diffuser: 150 degrees
Max depth 100 meter
Dimensions: 147 x 111 mm
Weight incl batteries 786 gram on land.
Connections: Optical and traditional cable (N)
Stobe funtions: TTL (DS-TTLII) or Manual
Prepared for action shooting with visual and audial signaling to user.
New condensers and charging units allowing GN16 (half power) continuously.
Target light: Powerful enough to be used as a diving light
Optional accessories made by Sea&Sea: Snoot, Dome diffuser, Flash prism
Warranty: 2 years
Colour: Black/Silver

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More information

New and improved features
A newly designed circuit improves the accuracy of TTL light intensity with compact cameras and also provides greater compatibility with third-party Optical TTL converters. The design of the light intensity adjustment dial and mode switch has been revised for better useability in all diving environments. 
The "YS-D3 MKII Strobe" is equipped with a maximum Guide Number of GN33 and maximum beam angle of 120°. The two-stage recycle time function provides priority shutter availability. Backlight panel that is effective when shooting in dark environments The indicator color on the back of the YS-D3 MKII changes each time the position of the mode switch is changed.

High-performance strobe
The latest D3 circuitry and light-emitting strobe produces a powerful guide number of 33. A newly developed high precision aspherical optical troidal lens has been fitted over the two flash tubes to disperse an even light from the center to the edge. The strobe’s beam angle will increase to 100° or 120° by attaching standard diffuser accessories. When the optional Dome diffuser is attached, beam angle will increase to 150°.

uperior consecutive firing capability
To capture those critical moments. The YS-D3MKII utilizes larger capacity condensers compared with those used on competing strobes. In addition, the D3 is also equipped with a newly designed charging circuit. As a result the YS-D3 will fire at GN16 continuously without any interval time. Even when the strobe is fired at GN22, the strobe will fire again within a mere 0.6 seconds. When the YS-D3 MKII is fired at Guide Number over 22, a two-stage ready-to-fire signals will be issued. For instance, after the strobe fires at full power of GN33, the strobe will inform you both visually and audibly when the  condenser is charged to fire at GN22. Then, when the condenser is charged enough to fire at GN33, another different signal will be issued. This design allows you to release more shutters in scenes where you want to shoot as many pictures as possible,  maximizing shooting intervals between scenes. 

Target light with increased power
Incorporating a uniquely designed aluminum heat diffuser, the target light is now powerful enough to be used as a dive light.


Optional accessories (See related products below)

Dome diffuser (optional accessory)
Increases beam angle to 150°×170° Essential accessory when fisheye lens is used, or soft light is required.
+ Guide number will drop to -1.5EV when it is fitted.Snoot (optional accessory)

A strobe adaptor which narrows the beam angle to be directed at a target point. Diameter of the opening 25mm. Designed with internal prism which aligns target light's light axis and strobe's light axis to the center.Flash prism (optional accessory)

Optical guiding device to fire the strobe when a fiber-optic cable is not used. This device is for manual use only. The device is effective if multiple strobes are used in a fixed position. However, the flash may not fire depending on the position of where multiple flashes are occurring in relation to that of the master flash.


The professional strobe from Sea&Sea YS-D3 MKII is the choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike!
Description: STROBE S&S YS-D3 MKII
Price: 8 450 SEK/Qty
In stock
Partno: 03123MKII (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Sea&Sea

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