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Full-frame, low-light performance in a compact package.

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The Cameras
Sony A1
: Sony's new flagship full frame camera is a marriage of speed and image quality. A huge 50 megapixel stacked CMOS sensor with a secret new 'high speed processing circuit' are now packed into what still looks and feels like any other Sony Alpha camera to date. Sony also introduces a new lossless RAW compression format which makes file storage faster and more efficient than shooting uncompressed RAW.

Sony A7S III: Video specialist but also an awsome still camera. Exceptional low light performance is good news for the underwater videographer with ultra-high sensitivity expandable 80-409,600 ISO range and 15+ stop dynamic range for movies. Hard core videographers will want to take some time with camera's impressive list of specifications including.

DL ports are the lightest on the market, yet robust and capable of standing up to rough surf. Attachment is quick and secure. A system of extensions can accommodate a huge variety of lenses with ease.
Most popular zoom lenses and select lens focus rings can be engaged using simple gearing that puts adjustment right at your fingertips.

View the Sony port chart

Vacuum System
A vacuum valve is installed standard on the side of the housing. The vacuum valve is designed to be low profile to avoid interference with controls. The optional Vacuum Pump with Gauge #IK47011 allows you to draw a vacuum on the housing to check for leaks prior to entering the water.

M16 Accessory Port
The spare M16 threaded accessory port provides an attachment point for third party accessories including HDMI bulkheads.

TTL Exposure/Strobes
This housings supports your choice of shooting with manual strobe exposure or adding a TTL converter depending on your application. The flash bulkhead is located on the top of the case to alleviate strain on the sync cord. You can enjoy the fastest and most accurate TTL exposure on the market by adding the DL2 DS Link Sony TTL Converter Ikelite ST1 Hotshoe Kit #IK46042 and a compatible Ikelite DS strobe.
SEA&SEA, INON, and Retra strobes with an electrical connection can be triggered in manual exposure modes using an electrical sync cord. Strobes without an electrical sync cord connection cannot be attached to this system unless slaved off of a hard-wired strobe.

The included SuperEye Viewfinder provides an enhanced view of the camera's electronic viewfinder when viewed through a dive mask. The viewfinder removes quickly and easily for the attachment of an optional Straight Magnified Viewfinder #IK6890.2 or 45° Magnified Viewfinder (Type 1) #IK6891.1


60m depth rating
Compatible with DL system lens ports
1/4-20 thread base mounts with 3.5" spacing
Slightly positive buoyancy in fresh water
Actual buoyancy varies depending on choice of lens and port
Housing 2121 gram
Tray with left handle  312 gram
Vacuum valve included (pump sold separately)
Included Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead connector with manual hotshoe for reliable electrical triggering of underwater strobes; Optional TTL accessories provides automatic exposure with compatible Ikelite DS strobes

Made in the USA; Individually inspected for fit and water pressure tested to depth
2 year limited warranty

In the Box
Rear O-ring # 0132.59 (installed)
Front O-ring # 0132.45 (installed)
Zoom Gear Retainer # 75900 (installed)
Port Hole Cover # 0200.92 (installed)
Waterproof Bulkhead Cap # 9104.7 (installed)
Base with Left-Hand Quick Release Handle # 4077.67 (installed)
Tool for Zoom Gear Retainer # 0945.06
.050" Hex Key # 0945.11
Silicone Lubricant 1cc Tube 

Short product description in Swedish

"Ikelite UV-hus, byggt för Sony A1 & A7S III, är utrustat med DL-portlåsningssystemet och förberett för användning av både nya och äldre linser, vakuum- och läckagesensor ingår i huset. En extra M16-tillbehörsport finns installerad. Du kan till och med använda kamerans Wi-Fi för att ladda ner bilder utan att öppna UV-huset. Levereras med bottenplatta och handtag, vakuum- och fuktlarm samt en mängd olika tillbehör. Maxdjup: 60 meter. Tillverkat i USA.

Kameran Sony A1 är Sonys flaggskepp. En fullformatskamera med ultrasnabb bildhastighet och högsta bildkvalitet. En 50 megapixel CMOS-sensor med en höghastighetsbildprocessor är några av funktionerna. En fantastisk foto- och videokamera för användning undervatten och på land. Videofilmar upp till 8K och 240 fps i 4K."



Ikelite Underwater TTL (DL) Housing for Sony Alpha a1 and a7S III Mirrorless Digital Cameras
Price: 21 950 SEK/Qty
Partno: IK71476 (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Ikelite

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