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S-2000 strobe is often called "the World's smallest" with strong power (GN20), wide beam and auto funtion (TTL) as well as 12-step manual mode. Great size for easy travels and popular for all type of camera users. Made in Japan.

A great choice for beginners and travelers.

Small & high-performing
This world's smallest underwater strobe is well suited for small units such as compact and mirrorless underwater housings. The strobes has a built in S-TTL mode as well as 12 step manual mode for precise lighting. It is possible to use dual S-2000 strobes, one on eah side.

Size: 64mm x 83mm x 106mm
Weight underwater with batteries: 69 gr
Guide Number: 20
Beam: Circular 105x95 degrees, with diffuser 110x110 degrees
Modes: S-TTL and Manual 12-step
Features: Built-in EV controller to fine-tune S-TTL auto exposure and on-board wireless TTL capability
Power: 4 x AA batteries
Recycle time: Full power - 1.5 seconds, Less output considerably shorter
Max depth: 100 m

Useful accessories
Optical cable - Tray & Arms - Diffuser

More Information

Not only a compact strobe
The S-2000 is operated by 4x AA batteries and has a strong output (Guide number 20) After a full power flash the minimum recycle time is 1.5 sec, and when using lower output the recycle time is much faster. The auto mode is called S-TTL is very accurate, and the 12-step manual mode is great for manual users often preferred by professionals. Other features include: EV-controller to make fine adjustments in S-TTL auto and compatibility with different pre-flash cameras (single or double pre-flash).

On-board wireless TTL capability
S-2000 strobe has a sensitive slave sensor that enables wireless S-TTL auto flash control without using an optical cable. The sensitivity of the slave sensor dramatically lengthens the distance of cableless shooting. The package includes a Wireless Connection Kit which optimizes cameras built-in flash light reception at the slave sensor of the strobe. It is easy to shoot with wireless S-TTL auto byt just attaching the strobe on a compatible underwater housing. You can enjoy shooting vivid underwater world through the powerful external strobe. Using the Optical D Cable ensures reliable flash sync in bright ambient light just like it is close to the surface.

Unlimited expandability with optical cable
S-2000 strobe is equipped with a connector mount on the front to receive TTL signal of the cameras internal strobe. One S-2000 strobe can be connected to one or maximum two strobes via optical cables and operate them in TTL auto mode. This optical cable system help you to operate a second strobe easily.

Natural color even with a diffuser
Beam angle without a diffuser is 105x95 degrees which increase to circular 110x110 degrees with supplied diffuser (-0.5 white). The diffuser do not to change color of strobe light but the color temperature drops.


Ultra compact, light-weight strobe with TTL and manual mode.
Description: STROBE INON S-2000
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Inon Z-adapter for attaching a s...
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