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The Ranger was the first BC to combine high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration, and rear flotation. Its introduction created a new category of buoyancy systems, and it is without doubt the most imitated BC in history!  

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It's the Rangers incredible versatility that keeps knowledgeable divers recommending it year after year. Zeagles modular construction allows the Ranger to transition between tropical travel diving, rugged cold water diving in wet or dry suits, single or twin cylinders, and even (with optional bladder assemblies having up to 2 X 85-LB lift and easily mounted backplates) technical diving!

Constructed of heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon, the Ranger is compatible with a variety of options and accessories, including bladders, pockets, hard backplates, and custom gear attachment components.

If you are a diver who wants a rugged recreational buoyancy system, but also want one that can adapt and change to meet different diving needs, the Ranger is a system you won't outgrow.


Zeagle bcd specifications

Key features:
44-LB lift capacity Ballistic bladder (standard, other capacities available as options)
30-lb capacity Ripcord® weight system
20-LB capacity rear trim weight system
PFS Modular Sizing
Heavily reinforced 1050 denier Ballistic nylon construction
11" grommets for mounting twin cylinders
Two Zippered utility pockets at sides
Adjustable elastic waist panels
4 Stainless Steel angled D-rings on shoulders
2 Stainless Steel D-rings on vest
Adjustable Sternum Strap
Single or twin tank capability.
Dry Weight: 8.4lbs


The Ranger has been at the "top of the charts" for many years for some very good reasons!