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The much awaited housing from Aquatica, the D500 are lighter and slimmer a perfect aluminium UW-housing.

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Aquatica designed the AD500 housing by carefully selecting the features that will improve performance for underwater imaging. We then ergonomically placed the vital controls where they were most needed, right at your fingers tips. Handling is made with a pair of grips that have become the bench mark in comfort since their introduction over a quarter of a century ago. These grips are a perfect example of Aquatica’s philosophy, change should be implemented to improve a product, and not for the sake of novelty, when grips are as perfect as these are, leave them alone!

The Nikon D500 already is boasting the largest and best view finder on its category, viewing can further be improved underwater with a choice of two enhanced view finders. Two Aqua View finders are available to improve underwater viewing through the camera finder. The Aqua View 180o finder offers straight through line of sight viewing with a generous viewing area while the Aqua View 45o offer definitive comfort in viewing while shooting upward or for those down in the sand macro situations. Both accessory viewfinders are designed in such way as to minimize the blockage of the rear LCD when shooting using the rear LCD screen. As a standard feature, the housing comes equipped with a quality multiple elements Galileo type eyepiece and the rear LCD has been angled to give the viewer a more comfortable viewing angle when using this one.

Included with this optically set up housing version is the LED flash trigger. This LED trigger is powered by two popular “off the shelf” CR 2450 batteries and averaging 4,000 to 5,000 burst of light. This LED trigger slides into the hot shoe of the camera like any other hot shoe accessory would. The 20080-OPT version of this housing is ready to accept standard optical fiber sync cable commonly found on the market, there is no need for special proprietary or custom type cord, the optical fiber cord supplied by the strobes manufacturers are ready to use as is.

The Aquatica AD500 uses our excellent line up of existing ports for the DSLR line of housings. And simply put, a lot of effort has gone into giving you access to the most appealing lenses for this camera with the best port combination for them. Since ports are such a vital part of the optical formula in any underwater photographic system, we at Aquatica, have built one of the most comprehensive selection available for underwater imaging. Our flexible modular system of extension rings, dome and flat ports is ready to face the challenge of constantly evolving lenses coming out on the market. The irreproachable optical quality of these ports have long made them the choice of demanding professionals from around the world.
Wide angle imaging requirement can be addressed with dome of 4”/100mm, 6”/150mm, 8”/200mm and 9.25”/230mm, from ultra wide angle close up situations to top quality over/under images. Our dome ports have you covered. Macro imaging needs can be fulfilled using our recently introduced Mini Macro port, a vital part of the Aquatica ACU System, this port has a narrow frontal signature making lighting in tight corner easier. A bayonet mount is located on its front end for attaching our convenient ACU system flip holder with the potential of attaching up to two ACU wet diopter close-up lenses.Tying the port system together are a set of fourteen locking extension rings, ranging in length from .65”/16.5mm to 3.82”/97.5mm. Port extensions are strategic partners in the optical chain, they serves two purposes, in the case of wide angle lenses, it helps optimize the performance of wide angle lens by properly placing their optical center with that of the dome port and for macro lenses, it give added length for accommodating longer focal length lenses such as the 105mm, or when using internal accessories such tele converter which may contribute to the added magnification of a given lens.


Optical fiber with flash trigger included
Ikelite single bulkhead
Built in TTL converter for optical or electrical triggering.

Exceptionally good and ergonomic control placement.All controls remain accessible in all dive conditions, either cold or warm, gloves or not. Secure port locking system and easy access lens release button.The most comfortable and sturdy hand grips of the industry, also extendable for larger or gloved hands. Precise camera mounting via a quick release camera tray with angled rear LCD positioning.Two (2) entry point for accessories such as HDMI monitors, remote control or vacuum monitoring systems. Eight (8) threaded standard ¼”-20 holes, one located on top, three on the bottom and four on the grips, to mount strobe arm, brackets, tripods and a wide range of accessories.Depth rating options of 90m or 130m depth at no extra charge.Made with a time proven manufacturing process, using the best material available and state of the art tooling, to offer you many years of dependable and enjoyable service.



The new Aquatica AD500 housing is designed specifically for the long awaited Nikon D500 camera.
Description: HOUSING AQUATICA NIKON D500 dual optical fiber ports
Price: 33 500 SEK/st
Partno: 20080-OPT (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Aquatica