Exposure Underwater recommend you to use a reliable service center with skilled technicians when it comes to service & repairs. The places below do annual services on UW camera equipment as well as troubleshooting. If you know a service center interested and suitable for this type of work do not hestitate to contact Exposure Underwater.
Service StationGraham's Dykteknik in Eskilstuna
Service technician: Roberth Graham
Phone +46 (0)16 - 14 52 02  I  Mobile +46 (0)70 - 654 76 00
Service StationSmögen Dyk in Smögen
Service technician: Torbjörn Lundh
Phone +46 (0)730 53 74 75
Estimates & scheduling
Always get in contact with the service center before you send any equipment to them. As they want to give you proper pre-service/pre-repair information and let you know if they can do the work you require, give you a preliminary quote and time estimation. In some cases they need to order spare parts to get everything in place to do the service or repair.
Shipping equipment to us for service & repair
As mentioned above it is important that you get in contact with the service center before shipping. After you have been in contact with them you can send the product following these steps:

1. Carefully pack your equipment with extra padding inside a sturdy cardboard box.
2. Fill in the service & repair document [download the pdf here] and include one completed copy with your shipment.
3. Keep one copy of the service & repair document for your own record.
4. Send the product/s to the service center you have contacted.
5. Note! It is best to send with a carrier delivering directly to their adress for quicker handeling.
6. The service station will contact you when your package has arrived.
7. An estimate regarding costs and time is made if not agreed on before and communicated back to you.
Time for service & repair
The needed time for service and repair can range from one week to two weeks and in those cases where parts need to be ordered then the delivery time for parts need to be added. It is always the goal to handle service and repair as quick as possible.
Shipping expenses
Shipping to the service station: The client is always paying the freight and insurance fees when shipping equipment to the service station. For quickest handling please send the products with "to the door delivery". Shipping back to the client: The servicing station will add shipping fee to your invoice when shipping back to you.
Three examples for standard services:
Troubleshooting (600 SEK incl VAT)
A techician troubleshoot and if this leads to a service or repair job then cost for troubleshooting will not be charged. If no service is done then you will be charged 600 SEK incl VAT.

Full housing service (2 750 SEK incl VAT)
Service your DSLR and MLS housings at least every two years is recommended. The cost above is the working cost & pressure test involved. Additional cost for the parts like o-rings and washers to be ordered for the service. This cost varies between manufacturers and housings but should average between 200 and 300 SEK inkl VAT per housing.

Freight costs are not included in the prices above.