Shipping & delivery SHIPPING & DELIVERY

Examples on shipping costs up to 5 kg (flat rate)
Country Cost incl 25% VAT Cost excl VAT Carrier
Sweden 150 SEK 120 SEK DHL
Denmark 340 SEK 270 SEK DHL
Finland 340 SEK 270 SEK DHL
Norway 440 SEK 350 SEK DHL
Europe 350 SEK 280 SEK DHL


DHL car


Your shipment is normally carried by DHL to your closest service point and when picked up by you then you have to show the reference you have received by SMS. If the SMS number you have stated in your order does not work you will receive a notification via mail or in your physical mailbox. If SMS can be used normally you save one day delivery time at your end.


Normal delivery time is 2 to 3 days for items in stock and normaly 7-21 working days, depending on location, on non-stock items if nothing else is stated in the product information. If there is any special circumstances around any item you will be noted when we handle the order and give you notice via email. Delivery time is the time needed to reach your service point and is calculated assuming the freight company keeping their delivery times.



If a package is left at the service point for 14 days without being picked up then it will automatically be returned to us. When the order is returned to us we will pay back the total amount on the invoice except the freight costs if it is stock items. Special orders imported to you will not be refunded. If you want a bounced order to be sent then you have to let us know and an extra freight charge will be added.


When shipment is made each parcel get a shipment id making easy to trace. This parcel id can be given to you if you ask for it via phone or mail.