FAQ Service & Repair

How often do I need to check/change my o-rings?

When you prepare for your next dive you check your O-rings and if in doubt rinse them in warm water and lubricate them with the producers recommended silicon grease. If you feel any crack or cuts in the o-ring change it for a new one. Yes you should always have a least one spare o-ring of every size you use. We recommend you change your o-rings once every year.

May I come and show my equipment at Exposure Underwater?

Of course, that is why we are here. Bring your equipment and you can do a check if something is not working to your liking and you can test products with your camera rig in our showroom. It is always best to give us a call at +46 (0)40 186262 and we will reserve time for your visit.

I scratched my port. Is it possible to fix it?

If you have an acrylic port (dome or acrylic front on your flat port) then we have good news for you. You can polish into mint condtion if the cut is not to deep. We have different polish kits on the shelf, and we recommend you always carry a polish kit with you on all trips. If you have a scratched glass port then you have few options: 1) Try to live with the scratch 2) Replace the dome 3) Buy a new dome port. Ask us for advise and we can advise what is best to do for you.

How often should I service my underwater housing and where can I send it?

We recommend all users to change your user accessible o-rings yourself once a year and to send your housing for full service every second year. If not the manufacturer suggest every year. We support service on specific brands. More information about service and repairs here.

My underwater strobe is not firing and I wonder of you can do a trouble shoot the strobe for me?

Yes, we do trouble shoot equipment in Malmö for our clients and we charge 800 SEK incl VAT and we will call you up and discuss our findings and give you advise on how to move on.

I found a tea spoon of sea water in my housing after a dive but I can't find the reason of the leak. What should I do?

Take contact with Exposure Underwater and we will do a first assessment already on the phone. If you need help from our technicians we will instruct you where to send the housing. Read more about this under "Service & repair".

My strobe batteries only last half the dive even if I take very few images. What can I do?

As a general rule - please avoid using disposable batteries. We recommend you to use rechargeable batteries, metal hydride, with a 2000 mAh capacity or more. They are a more environmental friendly and they make your strobes charge faster. With rechargeable batteries you can start every day with full batteries ready for action.