Looking for a port or a wet lens?

Cameras with interchangeable lenses fit into underwater housings where you can change the port depending on what lens you are using. There are also a number of fantastic wet lenses to be mounted to the ports front.

Best port or wet lens solutions?

The easy and most effective way for you to get the best possible solution is to ask us. It is as simple as that. We optimize your choise. Most customers want great quality and as few ports as possible for easy and compact traveling.

Dome port or a flat port?

Dome ports has a spherical dome shaped port made for wide angle lenses and they come in different sizes and materials. Flat ports are used with a macro or "mid-range" lenses and come in various lengths. 

What about wet lenses?

Wide wet lenses are most often mounted in front of a flat port, but there are exceptions to this procedure. Boost your macro capabilities or put on a wide and sharp lens while underwater. Let us help you to find what is right for your camera.

Port accessories

We have all accessories you will ever need such as extension rings, zoom gear, focus gears, covers and many many more.