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Underwater housings Video Pro

Best camera for the job?

Enthusiasts, independent videographers and professional production companies use different type of cameras dependent on the preferred use. The large dedicated and exclusive video cameras from Sony, Red, Arri or Canon for big productions. Smaller mirrorless cameras for intendent users doing videography on a high level (cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic and OM System) and sometimes a GoPro in metal housing is perfect.

When you decide which camera you want we can help you out with the underwater housing and supportive accessories that is needed. Do you need full information before your purchase? Contact us, and why not read more on our video guidelines page.

What you might need?

  1. Underwater housing
  2. At least one port for the lens you want to use
  3. Additional wet lens - to boost your wide and macro footage
  4. Underwater housing for your monito (if you use one)
  5. Underwater video ligh with arm
  6. Safety items such as; case, leak alarm (vacuum)

Why Exposure Underwater?

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