Service & Repair

We recommend photographers to use reliable service stations with skilled technicians for best quality service and lasting performance. Exposure Underwater are happy to offer service and repairs for underwater photo and video products at certified service-centers.

Service on a regular basis, repair if any leaks, cracks or function failures are noticed

Service or repair your underwater products in a completely equipped service center with professionally trained technicians. 
All service and repairs can be performed at a professional service center either at the producer's own facilities or a designated Service Center.
The service staff are up to date and continuously trained, meaning even the latest products can be serviced or repaired.

Estimates & Scheduling

Always contact Exposure Underwater before you send any equipment to us. As we want to give you proper pre-service or pre-repair information.
You will get a preliminary quote and time estimation. As in some cases we need to order spare parts and in other cases we send the product to the producer or certified service-centers to do the service or repair.

Shipping equipment for service or repair

- Carefully pack your equipment with extra padding inside a sturdy cardboard box.
- Contact us for instructions on what to send. It varies between brands.
- Fill in the service & repair document [Download the pdf] and include one completed copy with your shipment and send one in a mail to us.
- Keep one copy of the service & repair document for your own record.
- Send the product/s to Exposure Underwater after you have contacted us.
- Ship with delivery straight to our company address (Scheelegatan 3, 212 28, Malmö) for quicker handling.
- We will contact you when your package has arrived with an estimate regarding costs and time.

How long handle time?

It is always the goal to handle service and repair as quick as possible. For a in-house repair or service with all parts in stock we estimate one week before we return your product. When we need to order parts, or the product is sent to a producer then handling time need is on case-by-case basis. You will receive an time and price estimation to be confirmed or cancelled by you.