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Explore the underwater world with a drone already equipped with an underwater camera. The pilot who stay on land can see what the drone can see and the camera record both stills and videos. Drone models range from affordable recreational drones up to real professional ROV-like machines. Drones are delivered fully operational straight out of the box ready to go exploring.

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Award winning quality drones ranging from recreational marine exploration up to advanced underwater ROV's such as the FiFish W6 Pro. The Pro is capable to dive 350 meters deepth and may be equipped with 2D multi-plot scanner, collision avoidance, distance and altitude lock, laser scaler and U-GPS.

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Many great models offering a wide price range and different typ of functions. Step-in affordable recreational drones, a sport fisherman's fishfinder and advanced commercial drone systems as well.

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Underwater Drones
The Chasing Dory UW Drone is mad...
6 150 SEK
Underwater Drones
Your digital fishing buddy!
9 350 SEK
Underwater Drones
The Mini S is small, portable, a...
18 150 SEK
Underwater Drones
The Chasing M2 is a professional...
33 550 SEK
Underwater Drones
The Chasing M2 value pack includ...
42 350 SEK
Underwater Drones
The Chasing M2 Pro is a professi...
50 900 SEK
Underwater Drones
CHASING M2 Pro Max is an industr...
93 800 SEK
Underwater Drones
The FIFISH V6 underwater drone i...
21 900 SEK
Underwater Drones
FiFish Expert is a high performa...
32 300 SEK
Underwater Drones
FiFish Expert M200 is a high per...
42 850 SEK
Underwater Drones
FIFISH V6 PLUS is a professional...
No price
Underwater Drones
FIFISH W6 PRO is a professional ...
No price