Get inspired

Inspiration is the key to creativity. Inspiration come from new ideas, color and pattern combinations, technical solutions. When you believe in an idea you will persist and find the way.


A tiny coral blenny hiding in its coral home, Aqaba, Jordan, Red Sea
© Magnus Lundgren / MLP at Instagram

Why & How?

Macro is all about how a subject and a background plays well together. Sometimes it is better to go back rather than following the basic instinct to get a little bit closer.

Useful equipment for this shot

This image is shot with a classic 90 to 105mm macro lens inside a flat port. Even if it is in the middle of the day at 4 meters depth Magnus use two additional strobes. Good focus light is always important to bring to help your lens auto focus to perform fast and precise.


A juvenile flounder (unknown species), swimming in mid water, Balayan Bay, Philippines
© Magnus Lundgren / MLP at Instagram

Why & How?

Because "Black water" photography is super exciting and reveals a World of surprises. Drifting at night in midwater photographing whatever is passing by such as this little flatfish.

Equipment advise for this shot

Shooting black water macro is often fast shooting. Fast and modern strobes fast recycle time helps. Preferably set to at mid power. Another technical tool is a trigger, or TTL Converter, which enable fast firing of the strobes without the need too wait for an in camera flash to charge. To help the camera to set focus fast and accurately a good focus light with several output settings is a must.