The new big glass dome in stock in at Exposure Underwater!

This is a 230 mm highly versatile BK7 crystal glass dome port compatible with various fisheye and wide-angle lenses. And it is dressed with velvet inside to avoid any flare and mirror ghost image in the shot. Highest image quality, also suitable for half-underwater-half-topside images. And image quality will be even better when used with an Internal Correction Lens. The dome use two different anti-reflective coatings with silicon-dioxide to effectively suppress flare and ghosting. As a result, the refractive index of each port is reduced to less than 0.01% and the domes produce extremely high-contrast images.
Specification: Dimensions 250 x 120 mm. Weight 2100g. Depth rating 100m. Construction: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy including optical dome cover and case.

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  Optical Dome Port II 230


Andreas Nilsen