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Underwater drone Chasing M2 PRO

Impressive max-depth of 150 meters, working area up to 400 meter with optional longer driveline cable, exchangeable battery for less downtime or optional continuous land based charging.
50 850 SEK
Part no: 115586


Chasing M2 Pro is a light industrial underwater ROV designed for professional users and industrial applications.

In the box
1 pcs M2 Pro underwater drone
1 pcs remote control
1 pcs 200 m driveline (cable) in drum
1 pcs Power cord
1 pcs EPP transport case
1 pcs Removable 128 GB MicroSD card
1 pcs GoPro adapter
1 pcs Sunshade for screen
1 pcs Data cable Type-C to Type-C
1 pcs Data cable Type-C to Micro-USB
1 pcs Data cable Type-C to Lighting
1 pcs Chasing towel
1 pcs Charger for the drone and remote controll

Chasing m2-pro-incl-all

About the M2 Pro underwater drone

Chasing M2 Pro has 8 vectored thrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all 360 degree directions. Under any posture, the depth can be set with one key, which ensures that the drone accurately hover to achieve any perspective shooting, observation and operation needs of any viewing angle. The anti-stuck motor is 150W and the power has been upgraded by 50% compared to the Chasing M2 motor, which can resist the flow of water at 4 knots (2m/s) in all directions. 

Built-in 4K video and 12M pixel camera, 152 degree field of view, time-lapse and slow-motion images and video capability and EIS image stabilization. With 4000 lumens LED lights, the camera of Chasing M2 PRO can capture every detail clearly underwater. User friendly interface that can be shared on 3 separately connected screens, live broadcast to social media outlets, HDMI output to view operations on a large screen.

Exclusive Accessories to meet professional scenarios

Chasing M2 Pro's attachments such as Grabber Claw, Diving Light and Laser Scaler etc, but also compatible with an advanced control console (High-brightness Screen), docking station, USBL-underwater positioning system, multibeam sonar, auxiliary camera and other M2 Pro exclusive accessories. 

What are some uses of an underwater drone?

  • Underwater filming for oceanic and freshwater exploration
  • Archeological surveys
  • Fish farms surveillance
  • Broadcast and film work
  • Marine life observation
  • Portable water tank and pipe inspections
  • Science and oceanographic research
  • Ship & propeller inspections
  • Search & rescue works
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Pipelines & oil platforms
  • Navy & Police forces
  • Subsea construction & maintenance
  • Coast guard
  • Underwater salvage
  • Port and harbour security and surveillance
  • Bridge and dam monitoring
  • Recreational use 
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