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Underwater drone Chasing M2 PRO MAX

This underwater drone is filled with new and updated functions and technology such as: 30% increase in engine power, new generation accessory mounting mode, a new generation accessory quick assembly and disassembly technology, a new generation shorebased power supply system and a new generation floodlight design.
94 450 SEK
Part no: 119679


Designed for government and enterprise users and to provide industrial customers with more user-friendly, more professional and more reliable underwater ROV solutions.

In the box

1 pcs M2 Pro Max underwater drone
1 pcs remote control
1 pcs 200 m driveline (cable) in drum
1 pcs Power cord
1 pcs EPP transport case
1 pcs Removable 128 GB MicroSD card
1 pcs GoPro adapter
1 pcs Sunshade for screen
1 pcs Data cable Type-C to Type-C
1 pcs Data cable Type-C to Micro-USB
1 pcs Data cable Type-C to Lighting
1 pcs Chasing towel
1 pcs Charger for the drone and remote controll

A new generation floodlight design to effectively solve visual interference (backscatter).
With the external 8,000 lumen LED floodlights, the dual light source has a 150° wide beam angle, which can be folded flexibly to effectively solve the visual interference caused by the reflection of plankton, and 0-100% stepless adjustment of the light brightness can illuminate every detail.

M2 Pro Max Floodlight

More about the M2 Pro Max underwater drone
M2 Pro Max integrates 5 accessories ports, which simplifies the installation process of multiple accessories, supports more than 20 kinds of accessories independently developed by CHASING and third-party accessories, and can mount up to 5 accessories at the same time. With slide-in accessory assembly and disassembly technology, and can quickly complete the installation and disassembly of accessories, which is convenient to use and saves both time and effort.

The drone supports three mobile devices to share returned underwater footage and data (temperature and depth) in real time, and supports a variety of real-time sharing functions such as HDMI real-time projection and live broadcast. 

Chasing M2 Pro Max offers more user-friendly, professional and reliable underwater solutions for various industries, e.g. underwater search and rescue, inspection of hulls and jetties, inspection of aquaculture, water management, inspection of hydropower dams, scientific exploration and inspection of offshore wind turbines.

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