Annika Persson
Exposure Underwater Ambassador
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Annika PerssonAbout Annika

Annika has been photographing under water since 2007. She is enjoying all kind of underwater environments, both cold water places and more exotic places. Annika is happily photographing macro in the shallow waters, as well as she is having a fascination for sharks and other marine life. She is also very keen in exploring deeper wrecks, caves and also mines, and is enjoying the challenge of photographing in these environments.

Annika is a cartographer working with maps, and she is also an active dive instructor since many years, teaching both beginners all the way to deeper technical classes. The reason she still, after 25 years of diving, is fascinated by the underwater environment is because there is, regardless of where you go, something new to see and some new challenges to try to get into your memory card.




Annika PerssonAnnika's UW stuff

UW Housings
Aquatica D300

Dome port
Several dome ports

Macro port
Serveral different flat ports

UW strobes
2x Inon Z-240

ULCS arms 4 to 12 inch

Focus & video lights
Focus light


What's else is in the camera bag?Camera bag

Nikon D300

Tokina AT-X 10-17 / 3,5-4,5 DX NH
Nikon AF-Fisheye DX 10.5/2,8 G ED
Sigma AF 18-50 F2,8 EX DC
Nikon AF-S 12-24 1:4 G EDNikon AF-S 18-135 1:3,5-5,6G ED
Nikon AF-S DX 40/2,8 G Micro
Nikon AF-S 60/2,8G ED Micro
Nikon AF-S VR 105/2,8G IF-ED Micro-Nikkor




Annika Persson Portfolio


Annika Persson

Caves France © Annika Persson
[Nikon D300 Aquatica Housing, ambient light, Tokina Fisheye 11.5mm f 6.3 1/20sec ISO1600]

Annika Persson

Jelly fish © Annika Persson.
[Nikon D300 Aquatica Housing with Inon Z-240 strobes. Tokina Fisheye 11,5mm f20 1/250 ISO200]

Annika Persson

Ginnie Springs © Annika Persson.

[Nikon D300 Aquatica Housing with Inon Z-240 strobes. Tokina Fisheye 10mm f6.3 1/60 ISO800]

Annika Persson

Salmon © Annika Persson.
[Nikon D300 in a Aquatica Housing and Inon Z240 strobes Tokina Fisheye 10mm f10 1/320 ISO400]

Annika Persson

Steering wheel in a wreck around Åland
[Nikon D80 in a Sea&Sea MDX-D80 housing with Sea&Sea YS-110 strobes and Tokina Fisheye 10.5mm f4 1/20 ISO400]