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Klas tips for underwater photographers

1. If you want a picture of a fishface – let the fish be interested in you. You will not succeed if you hunt it.

2. Relax! You will not take your best picture while stressed.

3. Try again and again, there is always another angle to take.



Klas Malberg portfolio

Ambassador Portfolio Magnus Lundgren 1/5

The greater weever (Trachinus draco) © Klas Malmberg
[Nikon D80 in a Sea&Sea MDX-D80 housing - Nikkor 105 mm and 2x Inon D2000 strobes]

Exposure Expeditions Galapagos 2012

A yellow damsel fish curious of the flat ports glossy surface © Klas Malmberg
[Nikon D80 in a Sea&Sea MDX-D80 housing - Tamron 90 mm macro lens @ f/10, 1/125 sec, ISO 100 and 2x Inon D2000 strobes]

Split shot - Maldives - Indian Ocean

Synchronised carribean reef sharks imaged on an Exposure Expedition to the Bahamas © Klas Malmberg
[Nikon D300s in a Sea&Sea MDX-D300 housing - 10-17 mm Tokina Fisheye  @ f/8 - 1/250 sec - ISO 200 and 2x Inon D2000 strobes]

World Championship in Underwater Photography

"I see you" - a flatfish burried in the sediment of Gullmarsfjorden, Sweden © Klas Malmberg
[Nikon D300s in a Sea&Sea MDX-D300 housing - Nikkor 60 mm @ f/9 - 1/125 sec - ISO 200 and 2x Inon D2000 strobes]


More info Magnus LundgrenAbout Klas

”My highest wish is to grow gills - then I dont have to carry all that dive equipment."

Klas is a marinebiologist who rather stay in the marine element learning how to get close to the animals. The more time he spend in the water the more lucky he seems to get and succeed in getting the pictures he want. Klas have two favorite groups of marine animals. It is the sharks that always has been fascinating to interact with and the brightly colored nudibranches that Klas find to be the most beautiful creatures in the sea.

In his daily work Klas use his own pictures in lectures and presentations to give the audience proof of what you can find in the ocean and to be able to show real life situations. It is more easy to get interest from people that way. The highest acivement in my life is that I finally last year published a book about Swedish marine life. Now I am longing to make more books!



Klas UW photography equipment


→ UW Housings – Sea & Sea MDX-D300
→ Macro ports – Sea & Sea Compact makro S & SII and Compact Makro Port 79
Flat wide port - Sea&Sea Compact Wide Port L (glass)
→ Dome ports – Sea & Sea NX Compact dome, Fisheye Dome 240 and Zen Minidome DP-100
→ UW strobes – Inon Z240 & Inon D2000 and the Inon Snoot
→ Arms – Ultralight Control System
Optical accessories - SubSee +10 magnifier, Sea&Sea Close-up lens 125
→ Other vital UW accessories – Converter, light Fisheye Fix LED500DX
Dive gear - Of course the indestructable regulators and BC's from Zeagle!



What's else is in the camera bag, Klas?

I mainly use my Nikon D300s together with various teleconverters and macro lenses.


Wide lenses

→ Nikon 10,5 mm f/2.8G ED Fisheye
→ Nikon 12-24 mm f/4 G ED
→ Tokina 10-17 mm f/3.5-4.5 DX Fisheye


Macro (or Micro) lenses

→ Tokina 35 mm Macro f/2.8 DX
→ Nikon 60 mm f/2.8D AF Micro Nikkor
→ Nikon 105 mm f/2.8 G ED VR
→ Sigma 150 mm f/2.8 DG HSM D


Other optics

→ Teleconverter 1.4
→ Teleconverter 2.0


Interview with Klas


Why underwater photography?
It gives me a possibility to explain why it is so fantastic under the surface.
What's best about it?
There is a total harmony with the water element and a great possibility to get close to so many animals.
What's worst about it?

To freeze your fingers so you cry when coming the surface and still wanting to take more pictures…

Favourite places?
My facourites are the Norwegian fjords and the beatiful islands of the Philippine archipelago.