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Martin HanellAbout Martin

Light, or rather the absence of light, is very important for Martin to tell his visual stories. Martins style would best be described as experimental, and he doesn’t necessarily need to make a picture look as it “should”. He is always on the look for something new and different. The crazier ideas the better, is rapidly becoming his motto.

Martin is a nature and wildlife photographer from northern Sweden, and he actually picked up his first camera on an UN service abroad and fell in love with it immediately. So when he later picked up diving it was natural to take the camera with him and expand to underwater photography. Martin likes to keep his knowledge on equipment and software up to date, so if you want to talk about cameras, Lightroom or other "tech-stuff" he is the right person.

Martin started to compete in underwater photography in 2013 and since then there has been a straight road to the top. He has medals in many competitions, including gold and silver in the Swedish Underwater Photography championship and his special interest in macro photography shows well with three gold medals in a row in Swedish Championship.


Sea&Sea MDX-D850
Martin's UW stuff

UW-housings Sea&Sea MDX-D500 & Ikelite Panasonic LX-15

Macro ports Sea&Sea macro ports with various extension rings

Dome ports Zen 200, Zen 100

UW strobes Sea&Sea YS-D2 and YS-D1

Armssystems Sea&Sea, ULCS and Nauticam

Focus light Fisheye FIX Neo x2

Other UW stuff S&S Viewfinder VF45, Optical TTL converter, Retra LSD Snoot & SubSee +10 magnifier


What's else is in the camera bag?Camera bag

Nikon D500, Panasonic Lumix LX15

Wide lenses
Nikon Fisheye 10,5 mm, Nikon 10-24 mm

Macro lenses
Nikon 40 mm, Nikon 60 mm, Nikon 105 mm

Others lenses
Tamron 24-70 mm, Tamron 70-200 mm, Nikon 80-400 mm

Martin's Portfolio

Martin Hanell

Fast swimming juvenile sweetlip in Indonesia  © Martin Hanell
[Nikon D7100 in a Sea&Sea MDX-D7100 housing]

Martin Hanell

Nudibranch face, Bali, Indonesia  © Martin Hanell
[Panasonic Lumix LX15 in an Ikelite housing]


Martin Hanell

Anemone fishes in anemone, Bali, Indonesia  © Martin Hanell
[Nikon D500, Fisheye 10,5mm in a Sea&Sea MDX-D500 housing]


Martin Hanell

Crinoid and diver, Bali, Indonesia  © Martin Hanell
[Nikon D500, Fisheye 10,5mm in a Sea&Sea MDX-D500 housing]