Fisheye FIX make compact, multi-feature, durable underwater lights of highest quality blessed with an extended burntime for divers, photographers and videographers.

Fix Neo 1000 DX II SW Light. Wit...
4 550 SEK
Fix Neo 1500 DX II Premium SWR L...
5 850 SEK
Fix Neo 4030 DX with 4000lm and ...
7 450 SEK
Fix Neo 4030 EF with electronic ...
7 450 SEK
Though it's small, it's powerful.
6 550 SEK
The Fix Saber is a compact flash...
349 SEK
Ball adapter for FIX NEO lights.
280 SEK
Charger for Fisheye Fix Neo ba...
450 SEK
Fix Neo red filter
350 SEK
450 SEK
Triple filter set for FIX NEO li...
550 SEK
1 150 SEK
O-ring set for FIX NEO light
190 SEK
Remote control for FIX NEO video...
2 250 SEK