Guidelines Commercial

We support commercial clients with professional advise when you purchase underwater photo and video equipment for your organisation. It is important to have real facts and correct information on how products work together to choose the right items. 

Pro support

We guide you from the first phone call to real after-sale-support making sure everything is up to your expectations. We work with natural history documentary units, feature film crews, researchers, companies doing documentation, and they all rely on our professional support. Users like commercial divers, marine biology researchers, independent professional videographers, salvage operators, military divers, film and TV producers, and recreational divers turn to us for advise on a daily basis.

Underwater documentation

The need for commercial underwater photo and video rigs are growing every day. New demands on underwater documentation include  inspection work around docks, ship hulls, anchor lines, windmill parks, fish farms, oil and gas production facilities and many more. This is just some examples on the industries we work with.

Natural history stories

The documentation of aquatic environment keep growing at the same pace as our concern for our oceans, rivers and lakes grow. Capturing nature and wildlife under the surface is an important as the world needs images, videos, films and research to show what is going on. We support many photographers and videographers with high-end products and solutions.

Complete system support

Most popular equipment used are the professional mirrorless cameras and/or dedicated video pro cameras together with durable underwater housings from Nauticam, Ikelite and Gates. We help our clients with the complete system advising on which lens, wet lens, lights, strobes and monitors woould work well together for the task? What is the best lens and port solution for crispy footage?

Underwater drones

The use of underwater drones is spreading into different professional fields. We offer a large selection of drones that can be used straight out of the box, but some clients needs an upgraded with certain optional tools to fulfill their underwater missions. Together with us you create the perfect underwater drone package based on your company.