Don't miss the opportunity to meet us at Dive 4U. First stop Gothenburg 31 January.

Dive 4 U Tour picture

Photographer: Ingvar Eliasson

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Press release for Dive 4U

Five of the top players in the dive industry within the Nordic area; Poseidon Diving Systems (dive & rebreathers), Scuba Supply (UW photography), SI TECH (valves, drysuits, dry gloves, seals), Scuba Travel Scandinavia (dive travel) and Ursuk (dry suits, dive), have joined forces and will launch a dive tour in 2015. “We are the leading manufacturers and agents in our specific area of expertise, and together we hope to reach as many existing, and future divers as we can. Our goal is to lift the interest for scuba diving in general,” says Daniel Benér of Scuba Travel Scandinavia.
The tour will begin on the 31st of January 2015 at Poseidon Diving Systems headquarters in Gothenburg. Visitors will be able to enjoy try dives on rebreathers and other dive gear throughout the day, as well as listen to seminars on various exciting topics such as underwater photography, dive travel and innovations within the dive industry.  The day will end with a dive pub where prizes will be handed out for those that have joined us throughout the day!
During the spring of 2015 our aim is to visit these cities:

  • Stockholm
  • Malmö
  • Copenhagen
  • Oslo
  • Helsinki
Patrik Karlsson