Magnus Lundgren tested the bag “Lens smuggler” from Cinebags on his trip to Galápagos.

On route/flight
This is a carry-on solution for the traveling photographer that is marketed as a “personal item” since many airlines allow the traveler with one carry-on luggage but also one “personal item” for the computer. This bag is a great tool and it is prepared to fit in many lenses and camera including a great computer compartment and even two more pockets for other stuff such as batteries that we have to carry on board these days. I managed to fit in three cameras, 6 lenses, computer, charger, batteries and more into to the bag and it looks like something in between a small carry on and a large personal item. Since the bag is so great I will use it for many things in the future as well, work and regular (non-photo trip) travels as well.
On location
On a liveaboard or in the hotel it is great to keep cameras and lenses in the bag for easy access and safe protection. Sometimes boats start rocking when you don’t expect it to. If you accidentally have camera stuff on a table or on the bed they might fall down. The lens smuggler is a safe haven during the whole trip with cameras and lenses all in one place.
Magnus opinion
Great bag for the photo trip but I will also use it as a regular working bag. Out-standing quality make the price a bit on the high end but well worth it. Our first delivery to Exposure Underwater sold out in a couple of days but we will have another shipment coming to us within reasonable time.

Please note: We can of course not guarantee that airlines will accept the bag as a personal item as airlines have different rules and their personal judge carry-on bags differently as well.

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 CINEBAGS CB27 Lens Smuggler


Andreas Nilsen