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Underwater housings Mirrorless

Top quality underwater photography

Mirrorless cameras are by far the most popular for underwater photographers today. The mirrorless cameras have interchangeable lenses, quality sensors, new useful features and they are all small sized for easy travel. Read more on our page Mirrorless Guidelines

Both still photography and videography

Modern mirrorless cameras are great for both stills and video. A few mirrorless camera models are extra specialized for optimal videography such as the Sony A7S III and A1, Canon R5, Panasonic GH6 and Nikon Z8 to name a few. If you want updated info ask us for advise.

Sample: Mirrorless camera underwater system

  1. Mirrorless camera and lens
  2. Underwater housing and port
  3. Strobe package (including strobe, arms, clamps and cable)
  4. Trigger or TTL Converter
  5. Vacuum check (recommended)
  6. Maintenance: Extra o-rings, silicone grease, polish kit

Add ons for Mirrorless underwater

  1. Second strobe package (including strobe, arms, clamps and cables)
  2. Top-mounted focus light (incl small arm-set)
  3. Hard case with foam (safe transportation)
  4. Carry on bag for international travel

Why Exposure Underwater?

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