Magnus Lundgren testing the bag CB70 Square Grouper from Cinebags in the field.

So I brought the Square Grouper with me to Galápagos. It had many different uses for me as UW photographer.
On route/flight
If you want to travel with the UW-housing mounted to your destination you can keep housing, ports and even strobes and arms etc in the bag in the cabin. It is protected from scratching the equipment, and harder hits as well, and there is plenty of space. On this trip I choose to not use it when flying as I had so much other hand luggage, so I simply collapsed the empty CB70 Square Grouper and packed it into my diving bag with all my other diving gear and brought it along.
On location
I used it frequently on location to have my assembled UW-housing in it. Useful when doing day excursions for diving and snorkeling, as it is a great way to bring along a fully assembled underwater DSLR camera with strobes and arms, and other stuff as well. When staying at a hotel in San Cristobal, I could use the bag as a rinse-tank as it holds water. On the liveaboard I used this super-quality bag to keep ports, tools, smaller handy stuff and my vacuum kit up around the camera benches on the Galápagos Master boat. Everything is very safe and protected when it is inside the bag. And if the rinse tanks where full or the water was so-so in the public rinse tanks onboard, then I temporarily emptied my stuff that was inside the Square Grouper and used it as my private rinse tank with fresh water. Very versatile.
Magnus opinion
Very useful item, a bit costly, but when you feel the quality of the product you understand and accept the price-level. Highly recommended, and you probably save money in the long run from avoiding damage and by keeping your camera in a padded bag that helps to reduce vibrations that is so bad for electronics.

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Andreas Nilsen