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Underwater housing GoPro Actionpro T-housing (Hero12 to Hero9)

The aluminium T-housing for GoPro Hero12, Hero11, Hero10 & Hero9 can be used to 250 meter and equiped with a magnetic macro lens, filter or wide angle lens
4 350 SEK
Part no: 200285


The underwater T-Housing for GoPro HERO12, Hero11 , HERO9 and GoPro HERO10.

The solid aluminum housing optimally dissipates the heat generated by the camera. As a result, fogging of the windows is practically impossible.


  1. Waterproof up to 250m
  2. High-end Aluminum underwaterhousing, CNC-machined from one single aluminum block.
  3. Optimal heat dissipation; 100% fog free!
  4. Replaceable zinc sacrificial anode
  5. Optional magnetic filter system and magnetic macro lens
  6. Use of the GoPro including front lens, so double protection
  7. Attachment via two 1/4″ camera threads on the housing base.

Magnetic system 

The T-HOUSING for GoPro Hero12 to Hero9 is prepared for the optional magnetic filter system and the magnetic filter frame with macro lens by the magnets embedded in the front glass.

Longevity thanks to clever protection

Each T-HOUSING is protected by an easily replaceable zinc sacrificial anode. The task of the anode is to protect the aluminum of the housing against corrosion if the hard anonizing is damaged. This also enables the use of stainless steel as the material for all screws and nuts.

If you need a GoPro-compatible attachment option, there is an appropriate adapter, which must be ordered separately.

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