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Strobe Ikelite DS230 with modeling light

Ikelite's high-end professiona underwater strobe. Powerful (GN32), ultra wide (120 degrees), very fast recycling and ultimate colour rendering (5000K) for high-impact photography. Made in USA.
13 850 SEK
Part no: IK40230EU


Specially developed for underwater modeling photography with a colour temperature that makes a modell "pop" and works with all kinds of camera systems compact, mirrorless and DSLR.

What's Included

1 pcs DS230 213Ws TTL Strobe
1 pcs Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
1 pcs Battery Pack Cover # 0591.4
1 pcs Smart Charger for NiMH with Euro Plug
1 pcs 1" Ball Mount # 4081.4
1 pcs Waterproof bulkhead cap

Ikelite's professional high-end quality strobe including a modeling or focus light. Made for both wide angle and macro, and more than 15% lighter than aluminum body strobes. 
A great choice for professionals and enthusiasts.

Ikelite DS230 with modeling strobe
After decades revising and perfecting the circular xenon flashtube for a perfectly gradated beam pattern and warm color temperature. A 5000K color temperature balances with available light underwater to provide richer coloring and deeper blue water backgrounds when shooting wide angle. Models' skin tones will look more natural and reds and oranges will pop with more vibrant color.


Depth rating: 100 meters
Power: 4 to 213 Ws
Coverage angle: 120º without diffuser
Power Control: 10 stops in 1/2-stop increments
Modeling light: 205 lumen LED
Color temperature: Daylight 5000K
Guide number at 1m (ISO 100): 32 full power
Flashes per charge: 300 to thousands dependent on power setting
Recycle time: 0.1 to 1.2 seconds dependent on power setting
Electrical sync connection: Ikelite ICS 5-pin bulkhead
Battery: 7.2V 3300mAh NiMH rechargeable
Dimensions: 91 mm diameter x 179 mm length
Weight with battery: 1243 grams
Buoyancy: Slightly negative in salt water

The strobe

Some situations underwater require as much light as you can get. The DS230 packs more flash capacitance to cut through the water and deliver sharper, more colorful, professional looking wide angle images. The DS230 has the power you need whether you're shooting in a pool studio or out in the open water. The quality of light is exceptional due to a round flash tube and custom powder coated reflector designed specifically to deliver the softest, most even coverage possible. Strobes with a straight flashtube may be capable of high powers, but require the addition of a diffuser to spread out their sharp, rectangular beam pattern and reduce the harsh hot spot. The DS230 beam is designed for proper spread and color temperature without adding a light-reducing diffuser. The optional Dome Diffuser #IK4069.2 is available to extend the spread of the light with only a half-stop reduction of apparent brightness. Electrical sync connection and a high-capacity battery pack provide the speed you need to capture fast moving subjects like sharks and sailfish at just the right millisecond. When combined with a compatible TTL system, the DS230 automatically adjusts brightness to provide perfect exposure whether you're shooting macro, portrait or wide angle. Focus on your camera settings and composition and enjoy the increased number of flashes and even faster recycle time you'll get when working with a TTL system. 

Built-In modeling light
The DS230 incorporates a soft 205 lumen LED light array allowing you to effortlessly aim your strobes before you fire. The light turns off and back on each time you take a photo.

Recycle time + Battery life

NiMH batteries are work horses, and a great choice for high powered rechargeable devices due to their performance and reliability at a more affordable price point than lithium ion. This high capacity battery pack provides professional quality power and speed flash after flash. Expect a lightning fast 0,1-1,2 second recycle time and from 300 flashes to thousands on a single charge depending on power setting. Shooting TTL or in a fractional power setting? You'll get very close to instantaneous recycle time and up to 3X as many flashes... plenty for a day of diving! This battery recharges in half the time of its Li-Ion counterpart for quick topping off before your night dive. Our famous quick-release toggle system attaches the battery pack with ease and confidence, making a flooded battery virtually impossible. 

The included Smart Charger for NiMH accepts variable voltage in the 100-240V range and includes AC adapter for Europe. Smart charging provides safety and helps to increase the lifetime of the pack by switching over to a trickle charge when the battery pack is fully recharged. Feedback on charging cycle is indicated by an LED on the front of the charger. This charger is compatible with NiMH and NiCad battery packs only. Smart Chargers designed for NiMH or NiCad batteries cannot be used with Li-Ion technology. 

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