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Underwater housing ARRI Alexa Gates

Gates Alexa 35 underwater video housing are delivered with vacuum check system, monitor housing and a smart weight kit. With both glass and acrylic ports available and a max depth of 100 meters this housing is ready for any underwater video operations.
248 500 SEK
Part no: 0105-10-602


Gates Alexa 35 is a cinema caliber compact size underwater video housing for the professional and enthusiast.

In the box

  1. Camera Housing
  2. Starlite LCD monitor housing w/shade extension
  3. Seal Check Unit
  4. Tool Kit
  5. Lanyard Handle
  6. Weight Kit
  7. Spares Kit
  8. O-Ring Kit
  9. Port Cleaner
  10. Shipping Case

The housing

Suiting a wide range of applications, Gates ALEXA 35 Housing is adaptable: cinema to commercial, natural history to military, and everything in between. Independent diver operation or complete surface DP command / control. Virtually any lens: cinema / anamorphic / DSLR. "No compromises" AR coated glass dome port options in 8, 10 and astonishing 12" sizes, or 8 and 10" flat ports.

The ALEXA 35 Housing is a deeply integrated marine imaging system, blurring the lines between housing and camera. Twelve user-assignable controls interface directly with the ALEXA 35 camera, allowing access to frequently used functions like white balance, peaking, display overlay, and frame rate. Gates familiar mechanical Focus / Iris / Zoom controls provide precision handling of hundreds of LPL, PL, Anamorphic and DSLR lenses with the same adaptable Lens Gear Drive system found in the Gates cinema-grade family.

Perhaps the best feature: Gates Mini / Mini LF Housing owners have an upgrade path to ALEXA 35 Housing. Backward compatibility is retained, supporting all three ARRI cameras.

Main features

  • Durable machined aluminum
  • Stainless construction
  • Uncomplicated, user friendly design
  • Gates precision ports for clear, sharp images; extensive line of accessories and custom configurations
  • Seal Check II for housing integrity verification

Experts know that failure is not an option, so they never take a chance…. they take a Gates!

Observe that shipping from Gates USA to Exposure Underwater Sweden is not included in the price above.

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