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Underwater housing Gates for RED Action Pro

This Gates underwater video housing are delivered with vacuum check system, monitor housing and a smart weight kit. With both glass and acrylic ports available and a max depth of 60 meters this housing is ready for any underwater video operations.
182 500 SEK
Part no: 0125-10-501


A professional Gates UW housing with multi-camera compatibility

In the box

  1. Camera Housing
  2. RT47 LCD monitor housing
  3. Seal Check Unit
  4. Tool Kit
  5. Lanyard Handle
  6. Weight Kit
  7. Spares Kit
  8. O-Ring Kit
  9. Port Cleaner
  10. Shipping Case

The housing

Pro Action travels easy, fitting comfortably in a carry-on size Pelican case with camera / monitor / battery neatly tucked inside for the trip. Pro Action accepts all DSLR glass and smaller PL mount lenses, and various accessories extend Pro Action’s range including ‘pole cam’ action shots of risky shark action. Like a sleek, small profile for the free diver pursuing bait balls. Or the surf shooter composing the perfect wave with Pro Action’s integrated, pivoting external monitor. The Gates Pro Action Housing is tailor made for surf, dive and exploratory imaging.

Monitor housing included

Designed specifically for the Transvideo Starlite HD5 (not included), the integrated external monitor follows the sleek profiles of Pro Action, pivoting a full 90° for top or rear viewing.

Camera compatibility

Pro Action accepts RED DSMC1 (Epic, Dragon, Scarlet), DSMC2 (Weapon, Scarlet-W, Raven) and ARRI ALEXA Mini.

DSLR glass and small cinema PL lenses are supported in Pro Action
The Gates Seal Check Lite is included with Pro Action and assures housing integrity before entering the water. A mere 11oz / 320g it packs easy and travels lightly.
And like all Gates products, Pro Action comes with our legendary 2 year warranty and customer support.

Observe that shipping from Gates USA to Exposure Underwater Sweden is not included in the price above.

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